Reiki and Sound

Private sessions are tailored to the client's preference of receiving a pure Reiki treatment, pure sound treatment, or a combination of both. For those who have not experienced one, the other, (or either), a gentle, gradual introduction of sound can be incorporated into the session.





Group Sound Meditations (group meditations are not being offered at this time but please stay tuned)

A mosaic of sounds created by Paiste Venus & Earth gongs, frame and ocean drums, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, rattles, tingshas and chimes raise the collective vibration of the space held during these meditations. Each sound resonates differently for the individual and every journey is unique. Available for groups of <10. Please inquire for additional details and rates for private group sound meditations.



Private Session Rates

75 minutes $75

90 minutes $90

24 hour cancellation policy

What to Expect (in person session)

During a private session, you will be fully clothed while comfortably lying down on a massage table. Reiki will be facilitated by incorporating a gentle, 'hands-on' approach and also above the body work with the auric field for chakra balancing. Various sounds/instruments will be integrated into the session to assist the energetic flow and balancing. Each session is unique and many clients feel a deep sense of relaxation during a session. 

*Remote sessions will be customized to meet the client's individual needs.